Launch your career in the performing arts with the Bachelor of Performance and Theatre 

The Bachelor of Performance and Theatre at UOW is an intensive practice-based course that inspires and prepares you for a career in the performing arts and broader creative industries. Our degree is academically rigorous, creatively enriching, and an excellent launchpad for students who want to take their passion for theatre to the next level.

Our graduates are go-getters: entrepreneurial, creative, and passionate. UOW graduates have gone on to work in local and international theatre companies, major cultural centres, specialised not-for-profit organisations or even performing in festivals all over the world.

If you have applied for the Bachelor of Performance and Theatre, you will need to register for an audition and interview.

Auditions and interviews are being held mid-year (August) for applicants including Early Admission; there will be additional sessions in December for Direct and UAC applicants.


Audition & Interview Instructions

Students applying for the Bachelor of Performance and Theatre need to audition by selecting from one of the following three options –
1.      present a memorised monologue. Please choose a monologue from the list provided.
2.      present a 2-minute choreographed movement score that tells a story. Please choose a prompt from the list provided
3.     If you prefer behind-the-scenes (devising, lighting, sound or set designing, stage management) please prepare a 2-minute spoken statement supported by 3 – 5 photographs reflecting the area of your interest. (Photographs can be on your laptop).
Audition & interview sessions held on campus run for approximately 3 hours and in addition to your pre-prepared presentations consist of a group workshop and a short one-on-one interview. In the workshop you will warm-up, participate in games and devising activities as part of a group. Staff will assess your ability to focus and engage in the activities together. In the one-on-one interview you will meet with staff. Please come prepared to talk about what areas of theatre most interest you and why you would like to work in the performing arts industry. Let the staff know what experience you have had performing on stage and/or designing for theatre – eg, lighting, set – or in stage management. 
Importantly, the audition and interview session is not only an opportunity for staff to ask you questions but for you to ask staff questions about the program. 

Got questions?  email