A guide to adulting and being a student

Improve your skills in everything from cooking through to essay writing.
These events, workshops and resources are designed to help you succeed both in the classroom and at life. 

Your Success checklist

  1. Check if you have a USI, if not, make sure you apply. You will need to enter this on SOLS. Find out more here
  2. Complete all compulsory modules
  3. Do the Get Started Snapshot tool
  4. Find out your digital strengths and identify learning goals through the Digital Skills Hub
  5. Check out the Learning Co-op for tools, resources and support designed to help you succeed and support your learning
  6. Join a Go Succeed activity below!

Featured event: Life hacks

Share your favourite 'Life Hack' with other students by writing it on the Wollongong library window or virtual wall

We'll be adding Go Succeed events soon!